John C. Kealy
Full Stack Developer

About John

My career in coding began in the academic world. Back in 2009, I started out with Matlab, analysing data and publishing scientific papers in the field of atmospheric science.

Web technologies have evolved so much since then. I began to take notice of web development during my PhD, and since I had worked with Python so much, I looked into frameworks like Flask and Django to see what the Python Web ecosystem had to offer.

To fill in the blanks of the transition from scientific programming to web development, I enrolled in an intensive 9-week Bootcamp program with Le Wagon. Even though I learned Ruby during this time, and a little PHP shortly after, it wasn't long before I came back to Python, armed with a much deeper knowledge of Javascript and frontend technologies.

Since then, like always, I've been progressing my knowledge right across the stack. Because I've worked with Linux for over 10 years, I was relieved to find that most of the world's servers do too – this really helped me with complex topics like DNS, security, and DevOps.

The Web will keep evolving at a rapid pace, which is handy, because I love learning. My next challenges will be to learn about AI and machine learning, or perhaps go deeper into product development and understanding the difference between a successful startup and failed one. Whatever I do in the future, one thing is for sure – the Web will never fail to provide options!