"I worked with John to develop an initial app for my FlorA Plant Care IOT device. And by worked with, John took the nugget of my idea and ran with it with incredible skill and speed. He essentially did in six weeks what I failed to do in months and months. While I didn't understand a lot of it, he walked me through the various systems, tools and mechanics and laid out an incredible app that looks good and, most importantly, works fantastic.

One of the most notable things through the process was John's excitement to learn. We opted for a new platform he thought would work well for my use case. Even in our brief project, he honed in on the key attributes of the platform, the drawbacks and the workarounds necessary to bring my idea to fruition (and enhance it to be honest). I think developers can get stuck in their routines and chosen tools and getting it to work, but John picked up new tools with sheer enthusiasm.

He was also quite savvy about connecting the idea, the code and the use case. I find that is something many coders don't do. He took great care in thinking everything through from the point of the user, the administrator and the overall business. I can think of a half dozen points through our project that he highlighted potential issues that would keep me from either providing a good experience or scaling effectively. Without his insight, I would certainly have hit some major issues down the road.

I've worked with and alongside many developers, but John's spirit of collaboration and willingness to think things through and eagerness to deliver high-quality stands high above anyone in my experience. I can't recommend him enough, and I know I'll be calling him again with my next big idea!"

– Nicholas Upton

Flora Plant Care

Image of Nick Upton